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The Red Fox in Art by John Orrelle
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Selected Artwork from the Book:

"A Wolf and Fox Hunt"
by Peter Paul Rubens, ca 1615 - 1621

"A Fox Putting up a Brace of Partridge"
by Jean Baptiste Outry, 1724

"Fox Hunt"
by Winslow Homer, 1893

by Bruno Liljefors, 1886

Saturday Evening Post
cover by Charles Livingston Bull, 1905

"The Fox"
by Marguerite Kirmse, 1931

"As Good as a Mile"
by C. E. Monroe Jr.

"Silent Observer"
by Ken Carlson

"Foxy Lady"
by Edward J. Bierly, 1980

"Wily and Wary"
by Robert Bateman, 1979

"Pas de Deux"
by Bob Kuhn

by Bob Kuhn, 1986

"Fall Fox"
by Claudio D'Angelo, 2006

"The Faint Rustle of Mice"
by Claudio D'Angelo

"Study for Reflection"
by Bonnie Marris

"Between the Vines"
by Carl Brenders, 2009

"Red Fox"
by Rosetta

"Fox Play"
by Tony Angell

"Catching the Scent"
by Dale Weiler

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