Understanding เว็บคาสิโน sports betting terminologies opens the door towards viewing sports betting from a broader perspective. You will be faced with the right terms and also proceed to acknowledge its presence at the right moments. So in case you want to make a mark for yourself in sports betting, then before you learn the same through tutorials and other procedures, you should look into the terminologies. Hence, to be a lot more specific, here’s a simple guide to sports betting terminologies 3win2u คาสิโนออนไลน์.

1. Action

Action is among the most critical terms that stand to mean the procedure of placing a wager on a game.

2. Book

A sportsbook or website with whom you place your wagers and move forward to view the expected results.

Bad Bet

3. A Bad Bet

As the name suggests, a bad bet points to an unexpected situation that causes a bet to go under losses soon after displaying a probability of winning.

4. Bookie

The term bookie refers to a person who moves ahead to accept bets illegally. As a result, you must stay away from bookies and place all your bets through registered and legal means.

5. Closing Line

The closing line is also known as the only point or the line that matters the most as it is the final line before a game starts. Hence, learning more about the same is highly recommended.

6. Deadbeat

Deadbeat refers to an individual who does not pay after losing.


7. Edge

Be it sports betting or casino gambling, the term edge means the same thing. It stands to hint at an advantage against the many odds on a particular Moneyline. Due to that, having the edge over something is always beneficial.

8. Futures Bet

A futures bet is a long term wager whose terms of decisions will come into the picture during the end of a league session.

9. Fade

A fade is a form or type of action that occurs when betters take the opposite side of the bet.

10. Contrarian

Contrarian involves betting against a particular team that has been receiving a vast majority of the spread bet tickets.

11. Hedge

Placing a hedge refers to the process wherein individuals try to either minimise risks or raise the extent of profit by placing a bet on the original bet.


12. Limit

The limit is nothing but the maximum amount that a bettor is allowed to wager on a particular bet.

13. Handicapper

A handicapper is a term that is used to refer to an individual who accurately predicts the side that is going to win, and by how much.

14. Mush

A mush refers to an individual who often finds himself/herself at the losing side of the bet.

15. Oddsmaker

The person who decides the odds on the outcome of an event or game.