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The Red Fox in Art by John Orrelle
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The Red Fox in Art by John Orrelle
Trade Edition

A MASTERFUL AND COMPREHENSIVE TRIBUTE TO ONE OF THE GREAT ICONIC ANIMALS OF ART AND LITERATURE. This unique book features Fox Art and Sculptures spanning centuries, from early sixteenth century works to the twentieth century art of Bob Kuhn, Robert Bateman, Ken Carlson and other prominent contemporary artists. Over 290 images and commentaries are included. This is a very special book to be treasured by those who love wildlife art and especially the magnificient RED FOX.


The edition consists of 750 copies. 100 are Special Deluxe copies bound in suede, slipcased with gilt edges, and numbered and signed by the author.


11" x 11", 362 PAGES

(add $10 for postage)

"Indeed, the last thing the last human on earth sees may well be the face of a red fox. Smiling."

The Red Fox in Art by John Orrelle
Special Deluxe Edition

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